Soekris Troubles :s

Its tres crappy .. but apparently my soekris is acting up.. :/ And I somehow locked myself out.. apparently.. Although I’m not really sure if I did lock myself out or if there is really something wrong – hardware side..

I’m dreading the prospect – in this very busy period of trying to get our house together – of booting it PXE style to check the config..

The disk boots.. Grub loads; Grub boots; The system tells me its “Starting up …”; Lots of disk activity

And THAT is where the whole things stops doing anything πŸ™‚ No serial connection output (probably because I didnt put the proper stty line in grub waay back) and no network reactions either. And I cant seem to edit the grub config over the serial connection. (weird)

So I’ll have to boot it up with a live cd to check where shit goes awry and solve what needs solving. pfffsh. My pxe serv is in the attic & I DONT feel like getting it out from there right today.

On the other hand.. The desk is set up as the ideal lab RIGHT NOW and If I need to set it up again later .. … :/

Oooh! Devious thought πŸ™‚ I wonder if PXE boot is enabled by default over wifi on laptops.. (dont think so) It d be extremely fun & devious to have a constant wireless pxe serv running in a public space with lots of people booting their stuff. & then boot them into an extremely light ubuntu πŸ˜€ teehee! It wouldnt work all that well, considering the massive amount of data involved in loading an ubuntu live cd.. but none the less.. its an entertaining thought πŸ™‚

Edit: Ooh! I just realised I have another option to get to my box πŸ™‚ Lemme try that next! – No such luck 😦 PXE it is 😦

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