Why link emacs to jove?

Why do I get Jove when I type Emacs on this server here?

This is pure griefing! I mean .. you dont have emacs installed. Then tell me so when I try to start emacs. Dont give me something else, something that was made to resemble it but is utterly Different!

Its like going to the store and asking a steak.
Only to discover at home that they sold you fuckin’ Quorn!
Instead of telling you they dont sell steak.

Its low & its disgusting!

And ofcourse you try the Quorn.. Because, its what they sold you, so there has to be some resemblance or likeness..
to find yourself puking your gut out after eating half of it. Because its NOTHING LIKE steak, apart from being edible, the same shape and should be prepared about the same


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