I’m so fed up with these folks & their service..

Telenet is a Belgian Broadband Internet provider. Their newest feat is as follows..

My months download quota is spent. I had my 25Gb of traffic & as such I am down to the 2.5€ a Gigabyte tariff. That price is pure stealing but lets go past that for the moment. You can buy extra blocks of trafic at 1€ a GB. Not cheap, but we re used to it, so we pay like the dolts we are. (And we dont think too much about those places where folks have unlimited data plans.) But buying extra blocks over the site doesnt work for me at the moment. It hasnt worked for the last few days & today I finally called the pigs so that they can solve “my bleeding money out of every orifice” problem!

I easilly spent an hour on their phone system. Waiting, getting worked up over their lack of anything and  expecting them to swiftly solve my minor problem. So I explained to several people what I wanted and I will spare you the torturous process and get down to brass tacks.

I am having my telenet moved in 11 days. This means they stop service here in Gent & connect my account in Lede. I wont rant over the atrocity of not being able to connect the 2 adresses at the same time, that was a level of service I didnt even expect of them. I wont be able to use my internet in Gent for several days, but if I hadnt chosen this path, I would have to wait till the 8th of September before having internet in Lede.

What has “moving” to do with “more traffic quota”? Well, nothing. As far as I see the whole concept. To telenet on the other hand.. Apparently, when I called to move, they put me into their system as being in a transaction. Another transaction would be buying more of those blocks. And while you’re locked in a transaction (moving) you cant start any other transaction. And neither can they! So this means.. I Am Properly Fucked. I am locked into paying 2.5€ a GB for the next 11 days!

I finally gave up waiting on the phone. Lets be mathematical here.. The only thing they can give me if I beg is a €5 discount. And I probably already spent it by listening to their annoying waiting songs and commercials.

I’m So fed up with these clowns, if there were any other possibility (and I expect there will be soon, since all the services are being opened on an European level) I’d leave them behind & never look back and with much Much delight.

The fact of the matter is .. they ve got an actual monopoly .. so we re fucked into using them if we want that level of service. Sure, there are other providers.. but they cant deliver like telenet does. They re the only ones using that technology!

Each time I am forced to interact with those fuckers ..

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One thought on “Telenet

  1. Heb ze onlangs ook nodig gehad. Van vrijdag tot maandag zonder internet, telefoon en tv gezeten. Ik heb een mailtje gestuurd en compensatie geëist.
    Zolang alles werkt geen klagen van telenet, maar als het eens serieus in de soep draait …


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