Firefox stops playing flash

I noticed that after a while, FF always stopped showing flash. This meant no more fancy Blizzard banners, no more Youtube, no more Fabchannel, .. Which is Arse! The most funny thing happened though when FF quit on me while playing a concert off Fabchannel today..  The concert music kept playing. Nice feature I thought .. Music while not having to have FF running (that ol’ memory hog..) But I guess that was rather a crash than a feature )

Anywho, people experiencing that problem might want to try something ) Before I reveal the big surprise ;) let me summarise.. I run Firefox 3 on 64 Bit Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex updated from the Hardy Heron. (Hairy Hardon?)

The player I use to play the flash is  “npviewer.bin”. (Firefox’s Adobe Flash Player plugin) And whenever a vid doesnt want to load, this is probably because npviewer.bin has crashed (yet is still running) & cant run the new flash animation!

The solution (Shotgun Style) is very simple.

 killall npviewer.bin

You wont need root to do this since the viewer is a process that belongs to you & you have the darned right to kill off your own processes whenever & wherever you damn wel want to! )

So try it! Just kill the process & reload the page! Needless to say that killing this while you re enjoying some tunes from some flash driven player will effectively stop those tunes too ;)

Happy tinkerin’

Originally posted on Gert, Making X-Tend a safer place

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