Our Wintertime Summer Party!

Since I’m having such a hard time about missing the one week of summer we had .. I decided we need to have a summer party! Probably in Januray, when we re all settled in Lede..

And the mechanics behind this wonderfull concept will be simple but effective.

Some 5 or whatever Cosystand heating poles!

Quite affordable Gizzmos, although I might solicit some kind of sponsorship from the attendees 😉 lol  36.3 € a piece for the weekend.. Dont know if that includes gas though :/ (Edit; It doesnt, gas is another €20 & they probably dont take the rest back .. well .. they do for free..)

Its a concept! I’m persuaded it could work 🙂 & it d feel Good to chillax in the sun! (or gas driven sun simulation..)

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