Privacy for the Rich

A popular consideration is to allow privacy annihilating measures at an opt-in basis. Opt in and maybe with a service discount.

Making the step to  “Privacy for the Rich”, Privacy for those who can afford it .. an extremely small step!

To use the “fingerprint controll for multiday tickets” in Disneyworld as an example.. (This system is already used..)

Anyone who  thinks a second about donating your fingerprint, the stuff that uniquely identifies you, the stuff that is even more personal that your ID .. wont like doing this.

So next I figured -  maybe they should just provide the possibility to pay a bit more to use some other means of identification, as to not to have to give out your biometrical information. And THAT is where the danger is. Because then you re actively selling your biometrics (cheap) without really realising it. But most people would do it!

And even when they do realise it .. If you ve saved up a whole year – to finally be able to go to Disneyland.. And giving out your biometrics will let you go a month earlier (because you wouldnt need to save up as long since it costs less); you will probably do it.

Privacy for the rich!

Another example would be consenting to having your internet behavior tracked  for a 10% discount. You ll want internet. And you ll probably want to pay less, unless you have money to throw around. Effectively making privacy a paying service!

Its a real danger society should guard itself against! A Slippery Slope!

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