Midlife Crisis

I figured it out!

Harley Davidson

I want this.

I want this and I want it now. I want it Yesterday! Pitty though I didnt have that kind of money yesterday.Nor do I have it today & although this months money is coming to me in a few days, I wont have it then either. Over the next few years, Ill be spending shitloads of money on whatever, but not on this bike. I wont have that type of money to get that bike then either.

And then I’ll turn 40!

I’ll realize that I’m growing older, that if I take my  parents as representative for my life span, I’ll only have 10 more years to live.I’ll realize that life is short & painfull & that we have to take our fun where and when we can. I’ll check the funds & maybe even take a loan to buy this wonderfull bike. (no seriously .. the updated verison .. hopefully without wheels! Hover bikes.) I’ll also try to persuade Viona to get one because I ‘d just rather do it together with her. I wont have time to take those bike lessons before then either so I’ll be driving around like goofy for a while untill I get my updated license.. but I wont care. Because I’ve wanted a bike since before I wanted a car! I’m looking forward to the everyone telling me how dangerous bikes are too!

And everyone ll tell me and anyone around me that .. I’m having my midlife crisis 🙂 Poor man, cant take growing older .. And I just Wont CARE 🙂 My own personal midlife crisis!

Lucky me I realized this this early in the game, so I’ll be able to point all those annoying people to this blog post. “Its not a midlife crisis .. I ‘ve wanted a bike for more than 30 years now!” and then I’ll probably hand out a printout of this post to prove it all. That is, if paper is still affordable by then. So maybe I’ll hand around a memory stick, whatever!

And I’ll be driving this bike till I’m 75, when everyone finally persuades me that I’m too old to drive the damn thing. Sounds like fun 🙂 Life should be fun.

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