While I was well persuaded when it came to martial arts; what flavour.. I just watched an amazing docu that actually fucked my persuasion..

After several years of Judo, during the more moldable years of my life, I know I love the arts 🙂 And after now watching an amazing documentary from the Human Weapon series; I am remembering how much FUN judo is 🙂

Part 2, 3, 4, 5

The whole time I had “I did that when I was younger” & “I know how that feels” erlebnissen.

So .. now .. I’m considering 2 martial arts 😀 I WANT to pick Aikido up again. Its an amazing sport, I love the core principle! On the other hand, I really enjoy Judo & not to forget the randori, the fighting 🙂 Its SUCH an amazing fun thing to do & lets not forget – great to unload some energy!!

still .. no way of planning ahead till we decide on our immediate future..

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