Lil one & The Dark Knight

3 special things happened today.

  • My mom moved from the revalidation place to the hospital again. I suspect the revalidation place & the wrong drugs they gave her as causes for her new bleeding. I am angry.
  • We saw The Dark Knight! AMAZING piece of Batman! Its right there, on top of the list, together with Batman, Batman Returns and Batman Begins. The other films arent to my liking. Some even Junk? But these four.. The Tim Burton ones & the Christopher Nolan ones .. Are Pure Gold! I cant wait till the next one.
    & about that oscar for Ledger.. Although I said earlier “how typical, the guy is dead & they love him” .. I get it now! This Joker is Amazing!
  • We got ourselves a second cat. To keep Rouso company. We bought Carouso a cat. Right now he still needs to get used to the idea.

Here s the both of them 🙂


Edit: My friendly colleagues pointed out that this picture looks like shit. “Are those cats? I thought you posted a picture of 2 huge dustballs” Thank You – here s the rest of the cell phone pictures! Buy my a decent cam, whydontcha

Afb058.jpg Afb056.jpg Afb054.jpg Afb053.jpg Afb047.jpg Afb046.jpg Afb045.jpg

Afb010.jpg Afb020.jpg

Or check the album..  & now sod off.

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