Yoga & Pilates

Yes, I was finally able to give those 2 a whirl. Hightly anticipated & well worth it!

I first went out for a quick warmup run

& then dug into the Pilates game. I worked trough the basics (not all that thrilling yet necessary to be able to complete the rest!!) and dug into some exercises. I wasnt all that chalanged nor excited after the basics and I have to say, the first exercises came as a pleasant surprise. Also, they have several levels.. Mighty as I felt after the basics, I figured I d pick an exercise & complete the 3 stages, then maybe do another exercise. That was .. untill I saw what level 2 of that fairly simple exercise was!! To my own jugement, I failed and was not allowed to continue to nr3! Damn Hard! I have a goal šŸ™‚ All n all an interesting workout. I had muscle action – a lot – yet on a different level of agony that the usual exercises! Felt good

Next up – some relaxing Yoga. And I must say, it was amazing! I’m really looking forward to digging into the yoga game too! I look forward to the next installement! šŸ™‚

& also .. Bye Bye BMI=29 (yeah *blushes* I just found out today)

Yet on an utterly different note – and lol level .. Hell’s Kitchen (Wii) – check the screenshots! Too Funny šŸ˜€ I dont really like the way Ramsay looks in CG. But the game, whow šŸ™‚ Ramsay yelling at me from my Telley (actually projector & stereo but who s counting ;))
I’m probably not buying the game, but if anyone near me is – i d gladly come over to taste some of the action & verbal abuse šŸ™‚


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