I need to get off my sodden arse. & writing about it is really the worst thing to do 🙂 But here I am, writing. About it..

I need a device to help me keep on track. Maya (Yourself!Fitness) did that just FINE. Sadly, Maya is Windows & we dont do that anymore.  We do things the Linux way now. Maya doesnt work all too well with Linux. In any possible way so far. Not windows emulation; not wine likes; not console emulation; not Whatever. I cant find any decent linux tools At All! Let alone that can parallel Maya. The Wii Fit isnt an option either since the sodden thing isnt available in stores. AT ALL! I WILL free up the funds ASAP to get it. But when the hell will I find it in the stores! So I have NO decent tools at my disposal. Same with Tai Chi. It worked with Maya, but  .. I’ll seriously injure myself if I try to do that on my own.

So I need to get my act together& stop pissing. I need to start working out on myself, so the only aproach I can think of is to get myself a realistic training programme together. 30 to 60 minutes because lets behonest, if I try to start too high – I will fail. WebMD is already helping me with getting some info n all together. But I d really still like to find some help – some tool. Web based then? .. nevermind (& why not write one myself? Well, because the ppl who do THAT are not exercising. Writing an exercise prog doesnt count as exercise!!)

I’ll just try it this way already. Time for bed. I’ll try it all on (digital) paper first, I guess.

So, starting tomorrow..

  • Running (Fixed distance – no time whatever. I’ll reward myself by running less time if I run harder. Just a set goal in distance. Run to a point & back!)
  • Some stretching exercices (I’ll get into detail later)
  • Some muscle exercises (I’ll have to figure out some I guess)
  • Some extra core muscles exercises (New word I learnt today – basically amongst others, the ones I’m already doing to strengthen my back muscles.

So lets see how well these go & we ll pick it up from there. Hopefully; I’ll get Yourself!Fitness or the Balanceboard before I grow tired of this routine.. Hopefully a new Y!F on the Wii, using the Balance Board!

Exercise frequency: Daily!
Only exceptions permitted during weekends. Asin no feeling bad if I cant do it on saturday or sunday. Chances are I wont & starting to miss days is just what could screw up my whole plan. Once you start down that slippery road..

& now its off to bed!

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One thought on “Workout

  1. Ik sta als eerste op de lijst bij Extrazone… Nog geen Wii Fit gezien..
    Heb me gisteren ook maar op de lijst laten zetten bij Bart Smit, daar benk toch wel nummer 20…
    Ik ben benieuwd, maar wedden dat hij er gaat zijn als wij in Thailand zitten? Dus zet uwen datum voor Wii Fit te hebben maar rond de 15de juli 😉


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