We finally bought that projector we were talking about all this time 🙂

Sony VPL-EX4

Sony VPL-EX4!
I watched Ghost In The Shell 2: Solid State Society on it today & its swell. Cant believe I watched movies on anything smaller that that! I’ll buy some ceiling mounts tomorrow & put the whole system up.. The beamer & the speakers I got from home a while ago. Be ready to be Blown Away by the whole experience 😀

Cant wait till its done & I can enjoy some movies & .. Wii 🙂 We ll probably order that Digibox now.. To be able to easilly watch TV on our new setup.. & then its Exit Conventional TV 🙂 & then all we need is a new dvd player & a set top box for divX pleasure & we re all set.. Soon .. SOOOOON 🙂

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