New Carouso pictures :)

 Afb018.jpg Afb021.jpg Afb010.jpg Afb001.jpg

& Its been a while too. I had to install picasa for linux to be able to (easily) upload these. Still a pitty they used Wine to port this. And its not even in the Ubuntu repos.. On the other hand – I love that Google is helping Wine to broaden their support. (cfr CS2 – since adobe wont do it..)

I was working from home today & the cat liked it .. Though he wanted a bit more attention!

Afb029.jpg Afb030.jpg

And slightly later .. he decided I was paying a bit too much attention to stuff that wasnt Him!

Afb031.jpg Afb032.jpg Afb033.jpg

Though then I could actually still read the right page. And that bothered him too..

Afb034.jpg  Afb035.jpg

But he was Really sweet!

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