More Snowboarding Stories :)

Its been a while since I was able to write about this all, so here s a long overdue snowboarding stories moment!

Let me throw some pictures at ya!

IMG_0331.JPG IMG_0333.JPG IMG_0334.JPG IMG_0335.JPG

So check out the AMAZING amount of food 🙂 Those were our Food packs. 6 days of chow; 6 peoples worth. An AMAZING HEAP of stuff. Incredible! Needless to say, we returned a lot of it.. Needless to say, we didnt have to return any Nutella. On the other hand, it speaks to their advantage we didnt have to dive into the nutella I had with me either! 🙂

IMG_0346.JPG IMG_0345.JPG

The first maintenance call of the week. The second day, Viona noticed her Jive was off. She wasnt able to do her lil thingy like she should.. so we checked her binds & one of them was loose & not a lil either. The front one no less. So I got out te screwdriver & fixed her binds. Ready for a swell trip trough the pow fields 😉

IMG_0398.JPG IMG_0400.JPG IMG_0349.JPG

Easy pow.. We also revisited the helltrip we did last time we were there. The one I mentioned before, the one I have on my bankcard.. And we ve got the pictures to prove it 🙂

IMG_0446.JPG IMG_0448.JPG IMG_0450.JPG

IMG_0451.JPG IMG_0455.JPG

The start, giving the OK, in the middle about where the pic was taken years ago, a second one at that same spot, and one with the whole decent visible – and mini at the bottom – relaxing from the experience.
It was great. We were all better up to the hike & we all had AMAZING Pow Pow fun!!

Later that week me & sam took about the same road, all be it the (even) steeper side.  It was amazing but we ran into a small surprise. We were having fun in one of those small natural halfpipe type terain thingies..

IMG_0516.JPG IMG_0517.JPG

Great fun, untill we encountered a drop. A 2 METER drop which we HAD to take. Apparently, we were doing a dry stream bed (ofcource, hence the natural halfpipe vibe) and apparently we had encountered a waterfall! Of all things, A Waterfall!
So we prepared for the 2 meter drop what looked like a nice bed of snow, but in the end .. who knows!

IMG_0519.JPG IMG_0521.JPG

I described the situation to le Juif, we decided to jump it & after preparing – I jumped! And made it 🙂 Then sam took what could have been the last picture of his unharmed pretty face, Jumped .. and made it too 🙂
I wouldnt recommend it to anyone, but in the end, we made the jump unharmed & had qiote the experience 🙂 Dont try this at home though!

This years Special Bonus .. I actually have some pics of me Snowboarding 🙂

IMG_0403.JPG IMG_0404.JPG

How COOL is that? 🙂


& a Supercool shot with Mini 😀

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