I’ve traded the Gnome Blogger applet for Drivel. i missed the category capability in the applet. Other than that, I REALLY loved it )

Now, this is one problem. And then there is the problem that next to this one, I have a second, personal one and I want to post to them both, using a simple and convenient interface. Another thing the applet couldnt accommodate me.

So thats when I found out about Drivel ) a convenient lil program that does support categories, works fine and is fun. ) The interface also hints multi blog capability. Problem there is, how to add a second one. The interface doesnt support adding one, but luckily, the rest of the functionality is in place! So if you hand edit the config file – add the 2nd account data – & reload it.. it ll work )



<user_account save_password=”1″ autologin=”0″ lastuser=”1″>

<user_account save_password=”1″ autologin=”0″ lastuser=”0″>


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