Lets take a minute here..

to realize something EXTREMELY important.

I have some Serious music on, so I propose you shape up to the occasion & at least get the same ambiance going. Right now I’m listening to Karajan’s Beethoven Marcia Funebre (Symphony N3 in E flat major Op. 55) so try & type “beethoven” in youtube & we ll see what we can do with that! One of the hits is “Karajan – Beethoven Symphony No. 9 : Part 1” – Although its a different symphony (Its later in the playlist) & the atmosphere is slightly different, it ll do!

Now that we ve settled the whole mood aspect, lets get down to brass tacks! ^-^
Snowboarding! – Yes, thats right, Snowboarding!

Only a mere 47 hours (thats less than 2 days) and the 6 of us will load several cars with snowboards, bags, food & evil stuff. 60 hours & we ll be surrounded by Wonderful SNOW! Snowy goodness! Fun! and whatnot! In the wonderfull Risoul. (Derni̬re chute de neige le 16/03/2008 ) Yes, the same Risoul where StuBru is now having their Snowcase!! Maybe a first slope already Рdefinitely a short glide! To sample the snow. And 70 hours till we ll all be getting ready to do the first slope

70 hours

Start those countdowns! Whadaya waiting for?

& for those that need to get into the mood – make the time to take a look at Shred or Die! Great shred oriented site!! With cool movies, tutorials & even Jenna’s first surfing experience – lol (Although REALLY skinny, she still looks amazing)

Anywho! Count down!!! 🙂 70 Hours! And Counting 😀

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