Apple Time Capsule – Disk Utility Info

This Link shows the disk info on the disk in the Apple Time Capsule. I hear there s a lot of comment on the choice of disk for this new network backup(!!) solution, and I’m certainly not looking to join those undoubtedly many people writing about it, but there IS one thing that just blows my mind :s

The screenshot says there is no SMART capability! Amazing! They created a cheap backup / network storage solution that has No idea whatsoever or even capability to notice what state its disks are in. Allright? Slacking? About to die? ..? The surprise is partly because I really thought that SMART was standard these days! And it sounds like an easy yet powerfull feature to implement. .. Blows my mind.

Anywho, interesting machine. Like a (non it) friend said, it enables non IT people to enjoy those server luxuries the tech savvy people (I wrote geeks, but really wanted to use the term Tech Savvy.. You savvy, matey ;)) have been experiencing for So long already! Not to mention backups. The idea of automated wireless backup really amazed her. Way to go, Apple. Though .. just imagine for a second.. how Much MORE amazed she d have been if the station were able to tell her WHEN it needed a replacement HD to ensure proper operation.

Tomorrow (technically today) s the big day – I really Need to Make SURE all goes Well 🙂

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