Im getting started with the Mordheim thing. So I ordered the Carnival of Chaos!

No one knows from whence it came, the dreaded Carnival of Chaos. Some have rumoured that it was once a gypsy caravan from the east of the Empire, wandering folk that brought their colourful fare from village to village entertaining the poor rural folk of the Empire with their lavish shows and stage plays. If this past is the truth then what it has become in the present is far more sinister and deadly. Still it wanders the rural backwaters of the Empire, in a colourful cavalcade of wagons, its folk dressed in the colourful finery of travelling players, bringing sonnet and song to excitable villagers and peasants.

Both the CarnivalBox


& the Plague Cart (lovely piece!!)


Greatly looking forward to havin some fun with ’em 🙂

No fosdem though.. Flower market & my granny’s BDay 🙂

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