Google intoxicates Linux users with Wine improvements

Ultimately, I think most Linux users would prefer to see resources invested in making truly native open source alternatives to commercial applications, but the Wine project fills a very important need for many. It seems likely that we can look forward to additional Wine improvements as Google continues to participate in ongoing Wine development.Link

Yeah – all that jazz!
Been wondering about this & been wanting to write some stuffs about thiss.. So yeah

& whatever -  i’m really too tired to write anything right now. Maybe I should write some stuff about some friends n all.. you know – oppinions about dear but easilly angered friends. Soon to be mortal enemies. yeah

with prejudice & junk.  Nothing like a moment like this to write crap like that
Ive been putting off some work lately I’ll do it tomorrow evening – I will. I really WILL, so no whatever there. Should I shower now? or tomorrow. Maybe now.

& for you wise arses (yes, english spelling here) no I’m not drunk – im just tired & typing whatever comes to mind.

& oh yeah – cock!

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