In Memoriam, Dawn.


In August 2005, we went out and bought two hamsters. Dawn (the black one below) and Volvo. Dawn died this Sunday, the 10th of February 2008. He lived long and had a period full of adventure. He escaped and lived in the hall for more than a week before we found him again. He was never the same afterwards! The deprivation had weakened him and estranged him from his brother. His health was weak, he was jumpy and set on survival.

Still – he was an Amazing hamster :
and a Great friend to our cat πŸ™‚
He ll be remembered!

We already miss Dawn, it was a sad night!

More pictures after the jump!


2005_DawnVolvo_Doos1.JPG 2005_DawnVolvo_Doos2.JPG 2005_DawnVolvo_Doos3.JPG

2005_DawnVolvo_Stitch1.JPG 2005_DawnVolvo_Stitch2.JPG



2007_DawnRouso1.jpg 2007_DawnRouso2.jpg

He was a great hamster πŸ™‚

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