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Hotwire is an object-oriented hypershell. It is a shell designed for systems programming (files, processes), and thus it is in the same conceptual category of software as the Unix shell terminal and Windows PowerShell.The goal of the Hotwire project though is to create a better systems programming shell than both Unix and PowerShell. We call it a hyper-shell because Hotwire blends the concepts of a systems-oriented shell with a modern graphical user interface display. It takes advantage of your desktop environment rather than being a text box. It retains some advantageous attributes of a shell such as keyboard command orientation, interactivity, completion, and scripting.

From an implementation perspective, at the heart of Hotwire is the concept of asynchronous object-oriented pipeline processing. Layered on top of this in a tightly integrated fashion is a graphical display, control and introspection system.


This is a REALLY interesting piece of software! Id love to test this, but I dont really have the chance. I dont use my comp that intense at home. If I d have had this tool this afternoon; messing with bash, tar, ssh & gzip to pipe streams from the older server into files on our office server for backups. Fun 🙂 For those interested in the code..

ssh user@server -i sshKeyFile ” tar -cv files | gzip -cf ” > outputfile.tgz

Now, this is from memory, so if the flags arent entirely right, dont be surprised 😉 Needless to say anyone d want to test this before actually Using this 😉
Also, you can use anything that outputs something here. Like, for example, mysqldump. (Doing LAMP stuff :))

There was actually all sorts of fun stuffs, like automatically getting the databases from the server based on the information in the dirnames that were automatically made earlier.

& the upside: in the end.. it only took me half the time (in total) to get all the data. Now next up is a cleanup script! I wouldnt even want to imagine doing this without advanced scripting!

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