VMWare on Windows

I just installed a VMWare at work to test a site on Ubuntu & Whow!

This (Win XP) computer is easilly 3x as fast as my linux box at home. Its superior on every level. Yet when I start VMWare, the whole machine slows downt to the level of painfully slow.
I guess after a while on linux you forget how good it really is. I’m used to having a windows VM running in the background of my ubuntu box. Sometimes just because I might do something with it. And it does slightly affect my computer, but not to any level that actually disturbes what I’m doing..

Its a pitty though, I was counting on the same easy experience as I am used to at home. Even better considering the far superior hardware at work. (1ghz vs 3ghz & 2 processors)

I am sorely dissapointed! :s (again)

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