The Big News ..

Yes – its done, I cut my dreadz! The time was ripe, I was ready, they had to go. And I wasnt even waiting till the weekend. The sooner the better. ..

I started the style the 24th of april in 2004 (the pictures seem to be gone, but the post is still there to read.. and so are the days before & after. Its nice to read the memories) and cut them this 30th January, 2008. after a great period of 3 years, 8 months and 6 days. Its been too short!

It was a sad sad day, but we went on with it all & they re gone. In all their glory. Lets reminisce!

Afb074.jpg Afb075.jpg Afb076.jpg Afb077.jpg

Or without the hair band..

Afb079.jpg Afb081.jpg Afb082.jpg Afb083.jpg

You ll understand, These were the last pictures ever taken. Right before they were cut.

Now, click trough to see the results. Dont do any heart attack stuffs, please :p

So about 30 minutes later – I looked like this. Bear in mind – cutting locks isnt that simple & its real intensive shite!

Afb085.jpg Afb086.jpg Afb087.jpg

Afb088.jpg Afb089.jpg Afb090.jpg

Ad that was that. Viona had a go at a coifure but told me to go to the hairdresser the next day. So while waiting (For FAR too long!!!!!! Sickening) I decided to commit to digital cellphone tape what she d made of it all..

Afb000.jpg Afb001.jpg Afb002.jpg

The hairdresser did a rather dubious job and I’ll post some of those pictures later. It looked better before I went in though thats more about how good Mini made it look than about the butcher hairdresser. Anywho, here it is, my return to normalcy, my change, my disgrace, for anyone to see. I really loved those dreadlocks! People commented all the time, but I defended them against anyone! And I dont believe I’ll ever care about a hairdue enough to even comment on it.
And this is not because I miss my locks, but rather what I remember from that nightmarish period before I let it all grow freely. Some 13 years ago! Its a pitty all my friends werent here to end this era, but .. they all have lives too, so thats to be expected. Id at least hoped the ppl I started this thing with would ‘ve .. but as I said.. life does go on. Still funny we all started at the same time, and only learned so after the decisions were made and approved.

If you want to reminisce some more, check the album. I’ll put up some more pictures over the next few days..

Demise of the dreadlocks

So thats it.. thats the whole story! How I cut my locks & ended a 13 year period of long hair. A fresh start, some will say. But not me!

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