Carouso :)

Carouso is SUPER 🙂 My cell isnt tough :s hence the crap pictures.. (older & bigger pictures @ the link.. tnx to the Great people at the borntolove cattery!)

Helping with the bed..

Inspecting the dirty bed stuff..

& here he s eating 🙂 Check the length of his tail!! Its longer than his body!!

He’s 2,6 kg right now. A normal cat of 14 weeks weighs about 1.4 kg.. He s already Big 🙂 & he ll only get BIGGER! Amazing Paws & HUGE ears 🙂 Cool Cat!
He s still slightly clumsy tough :s he just jumped against the table instead of onto it. That looked painfull :/
Another great thing.. He TALKS! 🙂 He s got about 20 different sounds & talks to us 🙂 Its great!!! Amazing!!!!! 🙂
Viona ‘s happy like a lil kid!

& this is Yoshi, My in-law’s dog, who lived with us for 3 weeks..

I like cats better :s

& now off to bed coz its working day tomorrow & I’ll have to get used to the normal hours again.. Studying still works best @ the usual nocturnal hours 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Carouso :)

  1. awwww cuteness !I completely agree, dogs suck, cats rock. I’m especially fond of the “leave me alone, i’m not interested in you right now” attitude cats have. 😀


  2. Cats rule, dogs drool… If you think he’s big now, my alpha male was 8lb at 8mos old when he got neutered… the vet weighed him twice cause he was so big… oh can you imagine how big he’d been if I wasn’t so poor then? LMAO!


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