The Truth

The awfull & uncomfortable truth of the matter is..

I want a lot of stuff
* Nintendo Wii + Games (€250 + 60*x)
* Polar AXN 500 (€350)
* Nokia N800 (€400)
* Snowboard Trips
* Snowboard Gear (Pants, Gloves, ..)
* DS Games
* Board Games
* New Computer
* Uncountable amount of books
* ..
Expensive stuff!

And I NEED a lot of other stuff
* New Vacuum
* New Microwave oven
* A Washing machine
* Save (youknow.. having money to sit in the bank, not spend it)
* ..

Not to mention The Bills
* Internet
* House
* Phones
* Water, Gas, Electricity, ..
* ..

& to be honest..
I probably (Probably???) dont earn enough to get all that Right Now! Almost Nobody earns enough to get all that right now! (well, nobody actually with the exception of some stars n all) So that leaves me with a quite common yet dreadful problem..

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