Pizza Rimini in Gent

Usually I dont really seek visitors or whatever, but this time is different. The phone number of the delicious pizza restaurant “Rimini” in Ghent! Best pizza in Gent but The ONLY restaurant of which you cant for the love of GOD find the telephone number online! This has to change, once too many times did I waste time looking for it & then still having to go downstairs & cross the street to order one of their delicious pizzas!

Old Number; dont use! The Rimini uses a cell phone for their orders & the number (or telefoonnummer in dutch) is 0484 618417. Thats Zero Four Eight Four, Six One, Eight Four, One Seven! Nul Vier Acht Vier, Zes Een, Acht Vier, Een Zeven. And thats in Belgium for those foreign peeps, thats +32, drop the zero!

Update; dont use the cell phone – Just finished eating..
Cell (GSM) : 0473 792559
Regular : 09 2235023

They do seem to prefer people using the regular phone number!

Current Telephone Number!ร‚ย  09 2235023

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6 thoughts on “Pizza Rimini in Gent

  1. Does anyone know where this guy went? He had been closed for a couple of weeks now.. my workweek just hasn’t been the same :-s

    Never picks up the phone and the sign just says ‘closed’. Is he closed 4 good? Remodelling [again]? Vists from health inspectors?

    What’s happening?! I’m desperate!


  2. Thanx for this! I’m a pizzalover myself and I never found a place where the pizzas have more flavour then @ Rimini’s. You have to wait 20 minutes for ur pizza but that’s where this phonenumber comes in handy.
    Perfect ๐Ÿ™‚


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