I Finally finished my Dracula. Finally! Its been a while since I took that long to finish a book. and such a good one for that matter! amazing book. I hadnt expected it to be This good 🙂

This opens the path to .. my next book 🙂 First first on the list is that lovely commic set ..

LE DIPTYQUE DRACULA de Pascal Croci et Françoise-Sylvie Pauly

and I’ll probably start The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (Wolfe) and after that, FINALLY, my newest Hobb book 🙂 I cant wait.. And then there s that other book.. & in between them I’ll have to read some more EA Poe! Those thick books are just standing there.. lol

oh & I might really cut them old dreadz some day soon.. There are some undeniable downsides to them.. When and If I do, it will be an act of pure impulse, thats for sure.. On the other hand.. I really DO like them 🙂

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