Good Moooring Viieeetnaaaaaaaam (eik) Im really not in that good a mood, no really, i’m not :p But it just came to me to start like this. Quite funny actually since I never saw that movie & think the whole vietnam war was just another one of Americas “Lets have a war – YAY” moments as countless others this decade & the previous one. Hell, They might even come & have a war with me just because I dont like ’em (childish) Oh & for the record.. I am aware that not all the american people yada yada but just their retarded governement yada yada

On to more important matters 🙂 Its Walky!!

Nice Sci Fi styled comic 🙂 Worth reading, it really is 🙂 Yay! Some sexy drawn chicks too 🙂

Snow 🙂 Dont you love the smell of melting snow.. Its just Great!
DAMN I feel like snowboarding 🙂 2 days and counting 🙂

Tonight is Aikido night YAY and this afternoon is my only chance to get sme flyers & posters around for our rock shop thingy, so that ll be my afternoon activity :/ all alone :/ I might kidnap Dirk for the job 🙂

VW spring sessions! I was pleasantly surprised to see that VW is doing something with world music thingies stuff.. I think I’ll go see some 🙂
Buena Vista Social Club presents Omara Portuondo – 7/5/2004
Cesaria Evora – 30/4/2004
Juice feat. Scratch Perverts & DJ Food – 2/4/2004
(do notice the reversed chronology :/) So those are possible hits 🙂 hehe especially the first one.. 🙂 Cesaria Evora on the other hand.. I dont think i’ll go see.. I’m listening to it right now and.. Aint my cup of tea..

I think i’m gonna do some relaxed reading.. This Kid ken s got over is getting on my nerves :/

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