hmm.. ok NOW to bed than 🙂

Rasberygrl came on at AIM & since she lives @ america (-6h timezone so it seems..) I couldnt resist to say hi 🙂 Learned that My Dear Ashes timezone prolly is -6 too.. Damn, What I wouldnt give to talk to her!! :/ I should really ask her phone nr 🙂 Altough I d already be glad just to hear SOMETHING from her. pitty 😦 Damn I LOVE that girl 🙂 hihi Cant mail her either 😦 I seem to bounce each time I try 😦 I think i’ll mail her trough regular mail tough! & im gonna leave an icq msg right now 🙂

So now, im off, no really, I promise 😀 Just right after this Great Opeth song 🙂 (Death whispered a lullaby)

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