Its time for me to get another Blog Skin 🙂

I checked out some designs and for the second time already, I stumbled upon and more precicely, the may*star designs.. I decided on her Gun Smoke design and .. well, after some editing of course, that might be the new design for this blog 🙂 Alttough im not quite sure yet. The skin d need some drastic reworking.. Heck, might even beter make my own :/

pff.. me back and knees hurt like hell! Its time for me to go to bed..
I’m actually tired, go figure :/

I actually gave 2 more ppl my blog adres today.. Things might actually get read, I should stop handing it out – lol But I prolly wont 🙂

Today s Wednesday.. Wich means 2 days till Friday In other words.. Im Almost off for some Serious Snowboarding 🙂 Yaaaaaay 🙂 Partyyy hihi
It of course also means a week without computers 🙂 Not even slightly near me 🙂 YAY True Vacation that is 🙂 And NO, No blogging exceptions!

I have the feeling my Dreamgril will never be more that a sweet dream.. Wich imensely saddens me 😦 It has its positive sides (her image not being spoiled by smoking for example) but also a hell of a lot negative sides! I d really love to go pay her a visit..

But now would be THE time for me to sign off & go to bed for some wel deserved rest!! Like anyone else on my list seems to be enjoying at this time :/

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