Once again i’m clicking around onDeviant Art (digital art).. She s empty and so beautifull.. Powerfull, nice, smoothe.. Great picture! There are some Great artists on the web, really!
Next I was stunned by this Entangling.. damn nice! Got a whole lovable yet scary theme surrounding it!
The Dollhouse – Another one of those Great works.. Mood OOOZING from it.. Simply Great! If I even get a tatoo.. That puppet might be just what I want 🙂 And another one from the same artist.. Come To Our Tea Party Altough I like the Dollhouse one more.. Partly because of the blank eyes in the later, instead of the amber collored ones in the Doll house..
And Further on.. Malice in Wonderland Really captures a fire theme.. really hits the spot 🙂 In a way Sexy too.. Great picture, great design
and ofcourse.. to end with.. A Great one about jumping off a cliff! Murder or Suicide? The work isnt that special.. But the concept is Sheer Genious 🙂 Simple but .. really ‘hits’ the spot.. Its Powerfull 😀
And now to show that Goth ppl can be Beautifull!!! Goth Chick Mind the cool tatoo designs! I Really like em
Ooooh.. and a REALLY touching baackground!! Damn No pain Altough it ll never be my background.. Just too bright for my eyes 🙂

And since we re in a Deviant Art mood.. Check out the new link.. Sarah’s Deviant Art account..

DAMN I should learn to draw!!

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