Amazing.. I just discovered an American site about sex that is actually GOOD! Its all about discision making about sex ans altough some hints towards their standard puritisme are given, most of the site actually presents you Good information! It’s Your Call – Making Sexual Decisions
an interactive site to help you make decisions that are right for you

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. However, a couple greatly increases their chances of having a good relationship if they both:
* have good self esteem
* have compatible levels of sexual desire
* have important values and interests in common
* have positive body image
* have well-developed personalities
* agree on appropriate gender roles
* communicate honestly and effectively
* agree on the sexual activities they want to explore

These are points I actually have to agree with..

Ooh & the Communication part was great too..

You’ll probably find it easier to discuss sex and sexuality if you agree to aim for communication that is:
* open (no topics are off limits)
* honest (saying what you really feel rather than what you think your partner wants to hear)
* clear (being direct rather than “beating around the bush”)
* specific (focusing on specific actions and feelings rather than vague generalities)
* respectful (realizing that you are two different people, each with a right to your own feelings and preferences)
* aimed at finding a “win-win” solution (one that leaves both partners feeling satisfied)

This is indeed SO important πŸ™‚ Open, Honest, Clear, Specific.. The way to any good conversation!!

So by my book this IS a good site πŸ™‚ Check it out if you ever need some help thinking about sex πŸ™‚

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