Todays featured webcommic is … *drumms*

😀 Its a really great commic, by I think one of the most funny ppl around.. Really, worth checking out! Might want to read the whole series or you might miss some.. The characters personalities is already half the humour!

Phew.. Im finaly able to write some.. Today was a totally relaxed day, just did Nothing! wich was great 🙂 really! Im totally relaxed & at peace.. Topped with a nice shower.. yeah, i’m easy to use “Faith no more” s words. And tonight nice & early to bed.. yeah

Pitty it kept me from training tough 😦 Would have liked some Aikido.. But I figured that laid back as I was.. It wouldnt have been all that smart of me to try to master those gracious yet dificult moves!

Yesterday with Koen was nice.. We installed the compurter, talked some bout books (got 1 more ravenloft & 1 Dean Koontz (False Memory)), about Giger, and about an exibition in Bruxelles i d like to go see.. (I will after I get the adress from him!) And then we played some Games.. 2 nice 2 player games from 666 games! Worth trying! If only I hadnt forgotten the names :/ There was one with roses & one with islands :/ .. Did I say 666? I meant 999 games – Srry for the lame dutch link :/ didnt find any english ones 😦 😀 So.. The first game was Rozenkoning (king of roses? dunno?) while the second was Kahuna. The first was Nice (I won, yay for beginnersluck) while Kahuna was a real test of my patience.. wich I failed & .. well, damn 🙂 But still a nice game! And while were plugging 999 games.. Check out Machiavelli 🙂 Great game!!

Time for some more r&r 😀

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