Jh meeting was ok. Inspiringly good actually.. The re almost fighting for the hours.. Wierd, really wierd! But a Verrrrrrry good tendency! 😀

After the meeting we had some laughs at a drunk girl.. really not too bright a child.. The kinda “hey look at mee.. im waaasted, im SO WAAAAAASTED” kinda girl :/ She was funny.. for a while 😀

And then was Negasonic time.. It had been a while sincee i’d been there, so I felt like it, so we went (me & dirkie) for a drink.. & we had fun..
I d certainly like to work in the sonic! So I asked E. about it again & we re gonna have a look.. So normally 😀 & at events.. That d be an extra nice something..

So now i’m off to bed 🙂 For some nice dreams bout my Dreamgirl 🙂 Yay 😀

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