So I have this bunch of movies here.. this afternoon I decided to be awed by a thingy called Fear Dot Com Promissing title, no? I saw the commercials a 1000 time at kinepolis last year & altough I was quite sceptical.. I really wanted to see it. Not at the movies of course, but just at home.
For those intreagued or whatever by the title, let me assure you, its a piece of crap 🙂 Its obvious this film was made because of the apparent succes of other movies (like “the ring”, etc..) and just did a sleazy copy with all the standard techniques. The idea was simple; a site that kills (ring a bell from the aforementioned Ring?) with some goody goody justice plot twist in the end. Of course with all that makes the genre (flashes, wierd things happening, some scenes with bugs, some halucinations – a lot actually, nude dead people, torture, moving corpses and of course.. even some slight XFiles references..) But it just Fails in every possible way.. Instead of a “freaking out” feeling, I rather had a “hey, nice effect.. wonder how they gonna fit that one in the story” kinda thing! Not really as it should be! Luckely, the actors seemed to believe enough in the script to keep them from laughing at some points.
All & all.. Im glad I saw it, i’m glad they told me upfront it was shit, & well yeah.. Another one I saw – yay

thinking bout my dreamgirl..

I read some JH regulations too.. nice while at it, but DAMN im glad when it was over.. Pheew.. Boring shit. Food regulations & crap.. DAMN!!! But it kept me company during that oh so scary *rolleyes*

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