After a good nights sleep..
Didnt take me long to find sleep yesterday.. My bed didnt get changed tough.. I didnt think id manage that :s

It didnt improve my feelings tough.. Once a seed of doubt is planted :s Yeah

I finished my ravenloft novel today, and with that, have found myself bookless.. Once again.. :s And this time for quite some time..

Tonights meeting @ jh for our rock day thingy.. I already know i’m gonna wanna hit some ppl in the face tonight.. Wont really explain why, but I will.. grr I AM going to set some deadlines to some ppl.. Like the posters & stuff will have to be ready by tomorow.. Reactions wont be happy, certainly not! But Fuckit, deadlines need to be made! And this is a CRUCIAL one!

But actually im just having a lesser day..
dark mood
pain in my neck & back muscles

i’ll live

For todays Link.. We feature Real Life.. Funny & todays really expresses some totaly true feelings.. And since I feel like posting imgs today..


.. having a counter is paying off.. It actually seems ppl other that me visit this page.. Unexpected, really.. But welcome 🙂 & feel free to say hi :p (hint: email) lol

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