yessah.. .Blog time..

The night was nice.. We saw “School of Rock” and I must say.. quite nice a movie! The fact I liked it might have something to do with the fact I just drank half a bottle of wine, but I wish to ignore that posibility 😀

Tomorow s the birthday party part two 🙂 Instead of yesterday, were partying tomorow.. witch is Cool 😀 Schedual d be a movie with some fun afterwards.. yeah, I believe in the concept (this is so alcohol speaking.. Who ever says stuff like “I Believe Yada Yada”??)

Mailed & chatted some with nathalie too.. Sweety 🙂 I think I’ll ask her along tomorow in Gent.. Altough I cant do it like I should 😦 low on car, money, .. I guess I should start working again.. Just to be able to live la vida grande :s I think i’ll write that CV & Motivation tomorow..

& oh yeah 😀 I installed a web monitor thingy.. I’m really curious if ANYONE ever visits this page, really! (except me that is) So, if anyone does… I’ll Know!! Moehahahahahaa lol

Anywho.. Time to write some mail, time to go & make my bed, time to sleep 😀

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