Learning about the Telenet HD Digicorder!

Lets look into our newest toys!

We got the Telenet HD Digicorder. The box says DC-AD2000. Google really doesnt tell us much about this “device”! Except for a telenet related guide. So I’m guessing thats a telenet specific  code.

Checking the back of the machine, however, reveals it to be an Advanced Digital Broadcast machine! So thats probably what the AD part of the telenet code means. The 2000 doesnt tell us much either, their cable products have quite different codes!

After a visual check trough the list, we can assume its the ADB-5820C/CX advanced high definition

Telenet Digicorder HD

Time to check the specs :)
& obviously find out what this “HDMIâ„¢ interface with HDCP copy protection” is they re talking about..